I need a box size that isn’t in a standard shop. Do you make custom sizes?

Yep. We can make almost any size of paperboard (folding) box. We don’t make corrugated boxes (ripply cardboard boxes like pizza boxes) or rigid boxes (the ones that are hard and don’t collapse, like Tiffany’s jewelry boxes or board game boxes). The minimum is 3,000 units for any custom size; the same minimum applies for custom inserts. For a quote, email chris@immprinting.com with a description of what you need – dimensions, what you’re putting in the box, and quantity.

Do you ship internationally?

We handle all shipping for Indonesia and Singapore. If you’re someplace else, we would still love to work with you! We just ask that you organize shipping for your order. We’ll provide you with weight and dimensions of your order, and you can arrange for UPS or FedEx to pick up your shipment. All boxes are shipped from Jakarta, Indonesia.

What is your minimum order?

Custom box that are customized with metallic hot-stamping or/and printed with ink: 5,000. Pastry bags: 10,000.  Handle bags: 5,000.

Do you have your own factory or you outsource?

To ensure good quality and competitive pricing, we have our own factory.


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