3 Things we are good at

Paper Packaging

Be it packaging for food or for industrial products, you can trust us to deliver the good quality paper packaging that you deserve. Materials ranging from Ivory, Art Carton And Brown Kraft paper and many more.

Paper Bags

Be it paper bags focusing on eco-friendly characteristics of the business using brown kraft or the elegant paper bags using white kraft or art carton with matt or gloss lamination finishing, we excel in it.

Customer Services

We emphasize on a long-term customer relationship using proven frameworks that focuses on up to date communication every step of the way, from development to production and delivery.

How are we able to do what we do

Since 1991, our experience in quality packaging brings upon quality work and competitive pricing. We use Offset printing for printing products that produce good colours. Our printing operators averaged 10 years of experience thus proficient in using machine. Hence over the years, we earned the trust of many big companies such as Breadtalk, Jco and Mayora Group.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Be one of the best design and printing company in Singapore in terms of market share.


Our Mission

To bring clients a memorable experience in all aspects of IMM Printing design and service. To be efficient in our printing processes and focuses on minimizing process errors as our priority. And to achieve a balance between best price, quality and fastest speed for our customer.


Why we do this

We are passionate about Design and Printing and love earning the trust of our clients.

Our Clients



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